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The Authority Icon: AUSTIN OKERE

The Authority Icon:  AUSTIN OKERE
For being an inspirational dreamer and busi­ness pragmatist who challenged the giants in their own peculiar arena and recorded resound­ing success; for being proudly Nigerian and demonstrating to the youth that notwithstand­ing the multiple challenges of life, with vision, discipline and focus, success will follow, Austin Kwesi Okere is The AUTHORITY Icon
He navigates with a stern personal disci­pline, compelling focus and endearing humility. Not surprisingly, he remains unaffected by the great business altitude he has attained in his chosen career. Meet Austin Okere, Group Managing Director of Computer Warehouse Group, CWG, Lagos.
Born of an Imo State father and Ghanaian mother, Okere had his primary and second­ary education in Ghana. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Lagos (1986), and Agricultural Science from the University of Ghana, Legon, Austin served out his compulsory National Service (NYSC) with the Nigerian National Pe­troleum Corporation, NNPC. He had hoped to secure a permanent job with the corporation, but that was not to be. He has MBA from the prestigious Lagos Business School andanother MBA degree from the international Graduate School of Management (IESE), Navara, Spain.
Steeped in the humility of his Ghanaian mother and the aggressiveness of his Igbo fa­ther, Austin has managed to leapfrog all odds to survive and prosper in an arena largely per­ceived as the preserve of Western companies. When the extremely enterprising young man resigned his sales and marketing job with Inlaks Computers Ltd. in Lagos to found Computer Warehouse Ltd., which is into the supply and maintenance of computer hardware and ancil­lary equipment, only a seer could have predict­ed his future thereafter.
It was a masterstroke of youthful vision that he left Inlaks on a friendly note, as he soon be­came their dealer. His business philosophy is to keep the customer happy -let them speak well of you. Through that he got many references, from one corporate customer to another. In 1997, Dell Corporation, UK, invited him to accept the Dell Distribution Award for the fast­est growing business in Africa territories. His Computer Warehouse is today Dell’s sole ser­vice centre in Nigeria.
In the two decades, through sheer determi­nation, hard work, and far-sighted focus, he has grown CWG Ltd from ground zero to an enviable international status. This tremendous growth saw the birth of Digital Computer Communications Limited that specialises in wide area network, local area network and sys­tems integration. Expert Edge Software and Systems Limited is another company that was incorporated as a result of the fantastic growth of the parent company, Computer Warehouse Group Ltd. Expert Edge is involved in software development, systems analysis, design and implementation, SmartCard application and packaged training on software.
In 1997, Corporate Press Services honoured him with Men of Achievement Award. So many awards by appreciative industry analysts and close watchers followed. Okere is a member of the Nigeria Economic Summit Group where he serves in the infrastructure development com­mittee.
He is a member of several professional and leadership bodies, including ICT Advisory Board, Nigerian Competitive Council. He also serves on the Executive Committee of the Nige­rian-South African Chamber of Commerce. He has been recognized and honoured locally and internationally with many awards in recogni­tion of his contribution to the information and communications technology world.
He is married and has children.