Tuesday 17th October, 2017
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Group demands new constitution for Nigeria

Group demands new constitution for Nigeria

A group, Citizens Apex Parliament (CAP) has called for a brand new constitution as panacea to the socio-economic crisis bedev­illing the country.

CAP in a petition to the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, demanded a stop to the on-going amendment of the 1999 Constitution, stating that it does not carry the views of ethnic nationalities.

The petition signed by leaders of CAP stated that it has over 175,000 active mem­bers drawn from distinct tribes and ethnic nationalities within the 36 federating states of the nation. It described the 1999 Constitution as a prop­erty of the Military, lacking people’s input, hence an al­batross and encumbrance to nationhood.

‘’The perpetually amend­able 1999 Constitution is a product of amended version of the 1979 Military Consti­tution truncated in 1985 by another set of military gov­ernment, and was devoid of constitutional conferences and debates, town hall meet­ings public hearings, and workshops in line with inter­national best practices’’

Further on, the 1999 Con­stitution, CAP said in the pe­tition: “The constitution was drafted and adopted under the veil of military command and supervision without peoples’ template and guide­lines that to the extent of its existence, remains grossly against the dictates of the 1960 Independent Constitution be­queathed to the people by our founding fathers.

It urged the National As­sembly to stop what it termed frivolous, time wasting and biased constitutional amend­ment exercises usually done to protect the interest of the thieving elites. “It has never worked and cannot work, es­pecially at this critical point in time when the federated division crack has widened to a point of ultimate implosion.