Monday 25th September, 2017
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2 mothers disagree with Enugu Govt over DNA test

2 mothers disagree with Enugu Govt over DNA test

The Ministry of Gen­der Affairs and Social Development, Enugu State yesterday had difficult times in hand-ing over two babies whose mothers were released from prison after serv-ing jail sentences over illicit transac-tions bother­ing on child trafficking

The mothers (names withheld) want the state government to conduct a DNA test to decide who among them is the exact biological mother of ei-ther of the babies. But the Ministry under whose cus­tody the two babies were kept in the past 18 months while their mothers were in prison rejected their pleas upon which they were not allowed to go with the ba­bies.

The Commissioner for Gender Affairs and social Development, Hon Prin­cess Peace Nnaji, said the babies were placed under government care and strin­gent efforts were made to reconcile the babies with their mothers since their birth.

Uchenna Nworie, a rel­ative to one of the girls re­quested the Ministry to run a DNA test before handing over the babies to their mothers as it will be diffi­cult to iden-tify them since the babies have been under the cus-tody of the Minis­try for 18 months.