Tuesday 17th October, 2017
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Restructuring more feasible for Nigeria says Prof Iornem

Restructuring more feasible for Nigeria says Prof Iornem

A Senator in the abort­ed Third Republic, Prof David Iornem, has supported the calls for the restructuring of Nigeria but cautioned that it should not be at the expense of the country’s unity.

Iornem said the ongo­ing debate on restructuring is healthy for the country which must be done in a way that it will not affect the corporate existence of Nigeria.

He spoke in Kaduna at the weekend when the Northern Youth Council of Nigeria conferred an award on him as their patron for his selfless and mentorship programmes for youths across the country and the north in particular.

Responding to their pre­sentation, Prof Iornem re­minded Northern Youths that “there is a debate about restructuring going on now” and declared that “as far as I am concerned, it is okay, but there are ways we can go about the de­bate without threatening the unity and corporate existence of the country as well as the existence of in­dividuals.

“I want us to be talking so that we can work for re­structuring in a unified and friendly manner for the overall benefit of Nigeri­ans across the country,” he counselled.

He disagreed with the controversial ultimatum given to Igbo residing in the north to leave the re­gion, arguing that “God put us together for a reason. As a people, we can disagree. That is okay but to threaten is not good.

“When I heard you peo­ple are coming from North­ern Youth Council, I was very happy. As leaders, take this message very seriously and spread it across to your members. Yes, there is the need for restructuring in Nigeria, but we don’t have to debate it in a way that poses threat to individuals, groups and the nation as a