Monday 24th July, 2017
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Plot to pit civil servants against Ebonyi Govt uncovered - Umahi

Plot to pit civil servants against Ebonyi Govt uncovered - Umahi

Plot to unleash civil servants against Ebonyi State Gov­ernment has been un­covered.

The state governor, En­gineer David Umahi, dis­closed this yesterday. He said that some ‘recalci­trant’ civil servants were inciting workers of state to cause civil unrest.

He said that one of such unruly civil ser­vants used a very high-tech electronic machine to send him message containing unprintable words.

He warned the state’s workforce to be mindful of such dubious charac­ters among them which he said were hell-bent on rubbishing his decent achievements in office.

Umahi made the dis­closure, weekend during a meeting with the lead­ership of the organised labour at the Council Chambers, Government House, Abakaliki.

He said that his ad­ministration was open to a fair, constructive criti­cism devoid of bias.

He pointed out that he was managing the state’s meagre resources to execute people-orient projects targeted at se­curing a better future for the people and should be appreciate for that.

“There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism. But I won’t fold my hands and watch you incite workers against the government. My in­terest is to develop Eb­onyi State and restore her pride to the people”, he said.