Tuesday 26th September, 2017
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Nigerian pleads guilty to hacking into computers, scamming $6.5m in US

Nigerian pleads guilty to hacking into computers, scamming $6.5m in US

A 31-year-old Nigerian man has admitted his participa­tion in a scheme to hack into computers and email accounts, and steal roughly $6.5 million from American companies last year.

Obioha faces up to 20 years in prison, a maximum $250,000 fine and the possibility of being ordered to pay restitution.

“As part of his guilty plea, Obioha admitted that, while in Nigeria, he worked with others to hack into computers and email accounts used by dozens of victims in the United States and around the world,” U.S. Attorney Richard S. Hartunian and Vadim D. Thomas, special agent in charge of the Albany field office of the FBI, announced in a news re­lease.

“After monitoring victims’ in­formation to identify imminent commercial transactions, Obioha and his associates created knockoff email addresses that appeared simi­lar to – but varied slightly from – victims’ legitimate email addresses,” the statement said.

“Obioha and his associates then used those bogus email accounts to send fraudulent invoices to victims, instructing them to wire funds to bank accounts controlled by Obio­ha and his associates, under the pre­tence that the wires were payments for actual deals that had been pre­viously negotiated by the victims,” federal prosecutors said.

Obioha admitted he was involved in at least 50 wire transfers between January 2016 and September 2016. During that time, about $6.5 million went to bank accounts that Obioha and his associates controlled.

“The accounts received money from fraud victims in New York, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and Texas, among other places,” federal pros­ecutors said in the release.

Obioha was arrested October 6, after he flew from Lagos, Nigeria, to JFK International Airport. He has been in custody since then.

U.S. District Judge, David Hurd, is scheduled to sentence Obioha on July 26.